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Me Mam. Me Dad. Me.

Several years ago, I visited a project supported by Comic Relief. I met a young boy. He looked normal enough. Short cropped hair, jeans, T-shirt. But he hardly said a word. There was a good reason for this. He lived in a house where his mother suffered domestic violence.

The boy left a big impression on me. I wondered what he’d witnessed, and what he could possibly do about the abuse his mother was experiencing. That boy became the inspiration for Me Mam. Me Dad. Me.

The story follows Danny, a 14 year old Geordie lad. To write Danny’s tale I turned the clock back to my own childhood, growing up on a council estate on Tyneside - the kids at school who never took life seriously, the mystery that was girls, playing football until it was too dark to see the ball. But there was something else that Tyneside gave me, the distinctive Geordie voice for Danny to tell his tale.

I want you to see what Danny sees. Feel what he feels. And understand the path that he takes to try and save his Mam. But above all, I want you to know that, despite what has happened, and as Danny himself discovers, there is always love. There is always hope.

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This debut young adult novel has a great and distinctive voice. Well plotted and surprising, it is about how a youngster can make foolish choices despite being brave and determined and wanting to help. It has sweetness and comedy, despite the gravity of its theme. And it is a lesson in standing up for yourself and others and finding the people who deserve your trust.

Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times  

I held my breath held throughout! All in all, the story is simply fantastic.

Ollie Campbell, 15

'A powerful tale of filial love when domestic violence gets in the way. An unforgettable central character and a truthful ending make for a truly impactful read.'

The Bookbag

Audio book read by Ross Adams (Hollyoaks).
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Sofa Surfer

15-year-old Tyler's teenage angst turns to outright rebellion when his family leave London for a new life in Yorkshire. He's angry with his parents about the upheaval and furious at losing his home. With only the dog to confide in, Tyler has no idea that a chance meeting with a skinny girl called Spider will lead him into a world he never knew existed. Spider is sofa surfing and Tyler finds himself spinning a tangled web of lies in his efforts to help her escape her world of fear and insecurity.

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'A story with great heart, and wisdom, which shows the healing power of true friendship'


Ele Fountain, author of Boy 87.

‘A real heart-wrenching, eye-opening read that had me captivated and in for the long run from the very first chapter.’


Amy’s Bookish Life.

‘Author Malcolm Duffy has written a near-perfect novel that I found exceptionally touching.’


Whispering Stories.